Land Use Development and Assembly

Task Force recommendations to support goals in the Downtown Land Use and Development. Plan.

  • Continue to facilitate development in accordance with its Downtown Land Use and Development Plan 2010.
  • Adopt a Policy or Bylaw that would define minimum parcel size and Comprehensive Development (CD) Zones for specific blocks (i.e. old Safeway store and Empress Hotel sites).
  • Adopt a short term policy to restrain high density residential rezoning in other areas of Chilliwack that would detract from the potential to do the same within the downtown core.
  • Increase budget priorities and direct specific funds for landscaping and ‘public realm’ improvements.
  • Look for an opportunity to establish a small business incubator in the downtown core.
  • Make land ‘development ready’ with use of appropriate methods to acquire and assemble land and demolish buildings and remediate properties in key property blocks.
  • Prepare a Site Development Plan, a Request for Proposal template and a Marketing Strategy to attract development companies and ensure suitable and timely development of the assembled properties.