• How long will it take to see results of the Task Force recommendations?

    • A: Improvements and initiatives in this historic neighborhood are already happening! We encourage you to visit Downtown Chilliwack and see them for yourself. The recent decision with respect to land assembly will accelerate the pace of positive change. The goal is to create 'development ready' properties for when market and economic conditions are ready. It's been forecast that it may be five to seven years before we see those conditions. While this may seem like a long time to wait, it is far sooner than the thirty years outlined in the Downtown Land Use and Development Plan.

  • When will the land assembly process be complete and how will a developer be selected?

    • A: The City will acquire the properties over time at fair market values. When the land assembly is complete, there will be a public process to select a developer to pursue the development concept. Council will set terms of reference, and development will be expected to meet existing design guidelines. For more information a Backgrounder is available here.

  • What if I have concerns or questions about a recommendation in this plan?

    • A: The recommendations in the plan will be addressed incrementally, as economic and market forces dictate. Recommendations requiring City resources and action will be brought to Council and be put through public process. We’ll let you know here and here when there are opportunities to make formal submissions to Council regarding a particular recommendation or initiative. You can also send comments to the implementation committee at info@chilliwackdowntownplan.ca. We’re also talking about the recommendations on Twitter at #chwkdtplan and and we’d love if you joined the conversation.