Old Safeway Building Demolished and Site Rezoned

The old Safeway property in downtown Chilliwack has long been considered a potential catalyst for redevelopment, offering an opportunity to inject a vibrant mix of pedestrian-oriented commercial and residential development in the downtown core.

In August 2015, Mayor Gaetz, CEPCO and City staff met with Sobey's staff to discuss possible remedial action requirements for the vacant Safeway building and old liquor store. Sobey's was in full agreement that the buildings needed to come down and took action.

As Sobey's got the buildings ready for deconstruction and demolition, Chilliwack City Council directed staff to re-zone the property in a proactive move to ensure zoning fits with the 2040 Official Community Plan and the Downtown Land Use and Development Plan. In keeping with this, two separate zones, the R6 (High Density Multi-Family Residential) Zone and CD-15 (Comprehensive Development - 15) Zone were proposed and rezoned. The City believes this approach will help encourage the redevelopment of the site as an urban destination for living, working, shopping and entertainment.