Working in Partnership for a better Downtown

As a community, we have been investing in downtown Chilliwack for several years and continue to work together in partnership with a variety of stakeholders to revitalize downtown.

After an extensive public planning process in 2010, residents approved a vision of downtown Chilliwack as an attractive, vibrant and safe neighbourhood. City Council heard this loud and clear and voted unanimously to adopt a redevelopment concept put forward by the Downtown Plan Implementation Committee. Representatives on the committee included individuals from the Chilliwack Downtown Business Improvement Association (BIA), the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO) and other local stakeholders.

Since that time, we've made steady positive progress. Fortunately, the City isn't the only one working towards a better downtown; our many partners have been hard at work too!

CEPCO provides economic development and business attraction services for the City of Chilliwack. In order to provide an additional emphasis on the downtown, they retained Walas Concepts through a funding partnership with the City. Building on past research, the City's downtown revitalization plan, and interactions with local stakeholders, Walas brings additional forward momentum to downtown business attraction and development.

Walas activities will include:

  • Working with the BIA, the Chamber of Commerce, the downtown merchants and building owners to update the inventory of underutilized spaces
  • Soliciting entrepreneurs
  • Assisting potential entrepreneurs with business plans
  • Matching entrepreneurs with each other, with building owners, and with other people and organizations that can help them be successful

As part of the first phase of their process, Walas has been learning about Chilliwack and reviewing the existing knowledge base and plans related to the downtown. They are using the City's multifaceted downtown revitalization plan as a foundation for their activities. To date, Walas has attended many meetings with City and CEPCO staff, local merchants, organizations and service groups to listen and learn.

Moving ahead in partnership with a variety of stakeholders will help build a strong downtown. Thank you for being part of this important process.