New Proposed Unsightly Premises Policy

June 4, 2012 In looking at ways to speed up the revitalization of Downtown Chilliwack, the Downtown Task Force recommended providing certainty for potential investors, by encouraging high standards for property development and maintenance.

While the City of Chilliwack has building maintenance and occupancy bylaws, as well as other unsightly premises bylaws, the Task Force suggested that these are not sufficient to clean up some long standing derelict properties.

The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce proposed giving municipalities more measures to deal with derelict and abandoned buildings. This proposal was adopted by the BC Chamber at their annual General Meeting in May. Next, the BC Chamber will be recommending that the provincial government:

  1. Amend the community charter to give municipalities the option of introducing tools and strategies to motivate the owners of derelict properties to improve and maintain such properties,
  2. Clearly define what constitutes a derelict property.

The recommendations will be forwarded to the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention in fall 2012. As well, City of Chilliwack’s staff are currently researching measures used successfully in other Canadian Municipalities, to see if they can be applied here.