Upgrades to the Landing

In 2017 the Landing has seen upgrades to many of its outdoor recreational features, including the spray park, skate park and the addition of outdoor exercise equipment near the playground.

With the support of the Western Economic Diversification Fund's Canada 150 Community Infrastructure program, renovations to the spray park and skate park were completed in July and September 2017, respectively.

The new spray park design is based on water motion, excitement and features a large tipping bucket called the "Big Top Soaker" which fills up a big, translucent bucket with 170 litres of water, builds anticipation and then releases it! The expanded spray park has 16 above ground features and 24 ground sprays and was designed with a nautical theme to complement the paddlewheel boat design of the Landing Leisure Centre building.

Updates to the Landing Skate Park include repairing or replacing concrete ramps and removing hazards, as well as the addition of several new exciting features. These new features include a pump hump and rainbow ledge, a volcano feature, a set of steps and several quarter pipes.

The new outdoor exercise equipment at the Landing includes six exercise units and is located adjacent to the playground in order to offer parents and guardians fitness activities while monitoring children playing.

Around 30% of the equipment in each area is wheelchair accessible, thanks to concrete pads, including both the vertical press and the shoulder rotator, to improve flexibility in shoulders, arms and wrists. The additional equipment at each outdoor workout area includes a leg press, a captain's chair, chin up high/low combo bars and a recumbent cycle.

These renovations and additions offer a wider variety of free recreational opportunities for nearby community members of all ages.