City and RCMP Partner

As part of Council's ongoing commitment to provide a safe community, the City and the RCMP have introduced a new visibility and enforcement initiative.

Since April 24, 2017, RCMP officers have accompanied Bylaw staff and Griffin Security to conduct regular patrols of our community in an attempt to prevent crime and bylaw infractions.

The pro-active approach increases the visibility of the RCMP and Bylaw staff during the daytime hours and contributes to a greater feeling of safety and wellbeing in the community.

In addition to creating safer streets in our community, the teamwork also strengthens relationships between the enforcement groups, helping create a cohesive response to challenges in Chilliwack.

Although it is too early in the initiative to effectively track its success, Griffin Security has already reported a decrease in calls during the hours the team is on the street. Many residents have also commented to team members how nice it is to see them walking around town.