New Brownfield Redevelopment Guide

The City of Chilliwack is working hard to make the redevelopment of brownfield sites in downtown Chilliwack more attractive to investors by simplifying the process.

Brownfields are properties where redevelopment may be complicated by the possible presence of hazardous materials. Examples may include properties that were previously home to gas stations or dry cleaners. Although the Ministry of Environment provides all the information needed for property remediation in 48 fact sheets, it can be confusing and overwhelming to wade through all the information.

As part of the multifaceted approach to revitalizing the downtown, the City of Chilliwack is encouraging property owners to clean up contaminated or potentially contaminated sites with the help of a Brownfield Redevelopment Guide.

This guide will help owners navigate the remediation process required before redevelopment can take place by breaking the process down into seven steps. Although it might seem complicated at first, Chilliwack's Brownfield Redevelopment Guide helps demystify and simplify the process, encouraging increased redevelopment in downtown Chilliwack.

For more information, download the guide, visit the Planning and Development department at Chilliwack City Hall (8550 Young Road, Chilliwack) or call 604.792.9311.