The Downtown Task Force was created to address the timing of redevelopment in Chilliwack’s historic city centre, as established in the 2010 Downtown Land Use and Development Plan. Their main objective was to look at factors that are slowing downtown renewal and make recommendations that could accelerate it.

In 2012 The Downtown Plan Implementation Committee was struck to flesh out the recommendations from the Task Force and to make recommendations to Council.

The members of the Downtown Plan Implementation Committee are:

  • Mark Andersen, Chamber of Commerce
  • Pat Clark, former City Councillor
  • Brian Coomes, CEPCO
  • John Jansen, CEPCO
  • Barb Kemp, Chilliwack Business Improvement Association
  • Kelly Lerigny, Chilliwack Real Estate Foundation
  • Eric Van Maren, development community
  • Kyle Williams, Downtown Chilliwack Business Improvement Association

  • Councillor Ken Popove, Chair
  • Councillor Ken Huttema, Vice-Chair

The Downtown Task Force was asked to:

  • Recommend improvements to City bylaws, policies or procedures and to the Revitalization Zone Boundary that could help stimulate investment
  • Recommend a strategy for increasing density of residential structures.
  • Recommend areas that are essential to redevelop;
  • Recommend a financial plan
  • Make recommendations that could accelerate interest and investment or redevelopment

To accomplish their objectives, the Task Force:

  • Examined past studies, reports and presentations on the downtown and become familiar with the adopted Downtown Land Use and Development Plan
  • Looked at best practices in other communities in the region, that have been successful in similar efforts
  • Reviewed relevant bylaws re-examined the boundaries of the Revitalization Zone.